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Liposuction Recovery

What is the recovery like from Liposuction?

Our staff will guide you along your recovery processs, but to give you a general idea we will touch on some of the important issues.

How long is recovery from liposuction ?

Recovery from Liposuction is not as long or uncomfortable as some plastic surgery procedures. The feeling after liposuction has been described by patients as having done too many sit ups or push ups. Like the soreness after over exercising. Most of our patients return to light work with in three days. By then most people are off any pain medications.

Special Garments after liposuction

Our Honolulu Liposuction clinic will provide you with a special garment to wear which will put light pressure on the liposuction area during recovery. This is usually very comfortable until the swelling has subsided. Swelling diminishes in two stages. Three days or so after liposuction the swelling typically is at its peak. It takes about three weeks for this stage of swelling to go down. The next stage is when small amount of swelling in present and this can take as long as 3 to 6 months to go down. The second stage the only person who will notice the swelling is you perhaps.

Significantly decreased swelling will surprise many people, as they will see perhaps another 20 - 30 % decrease in size of the area over a six month period. So as far as recovery is concerned one cannot fully judge the result until six months since surgery has passed. Interestingly, we recall one case where the patient was upset after a very area small abdominal area was liposuctioned. It appeared larger than before the surgery on the third day after surgery when swelling is at its peak. She thought we added something. After three weeks and reassurance form us, when the swelling went down she was quite happy. One must be patient for swelling in liposuction recovery.

What to expect the night after your procedure

One also must not be alarmed the night after surgery when a reddish watery fluid sometimes will leak from the small entry points of the procedure. This is some of the tumescent fluid which may leak out not being absorbed by the body fast enough. This is not bleeding to be concerned about. If you are concerned simply call our answering service whose number you will be given. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Ice packs help over your garment to lessen swelling and discomfort. It helps to prepare food ahead of time and have plenty of fluid available.

Long term recovery after Liposuction

We offer ultrasound treatments after your liposuction procedure which speeds the recovery process along. These sound waves penetrate the swollen tissue, smooth our the skin and reduce swelling. Most of our Hawaii Liposuction patients appreciate this modality.

At three months after surgery you will be amazed how natural your results look from liposuction done at our Hawaii Clinic. It is one plastic surgery procedure that most people see the results they desire.

For more detailed information, why not call today for a consultation 808-737-0205. Our staff and Dr. Pasquale stand by to assist you in your decision.