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Liposuction or Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Many individuals consult with our office regarding the need for liposuction surgery and believe that it can substitute for a tummy tuck. Nothing could be further from the truth for some individuals. A tummy tuck and liposuction are both plastic surgery procedures, yet they treat two separate conditions. Just like one would not take a high blood pressure pill to treat an infection nor would one would take an antibiotic to treat high blood pressure, the same applies to tummy tuck and liposuction surgery.

Do you need a tummy tuck or liposuction or both?

In other words, a tummy tuck is for one particular problem and liposuction is for another. Abdominoplasty & Liposuction surgery treat two completely separate issues. The abdominal pictures below show the difference between a liposuction candidate and an abdominoplasty candidate. The main factors are below:

Tummy Tuck Candidate

1. Loose Skin
2. Separation of Abdominal Muscles

Liposuction Candidate

1. Simply want to get rid of fat and skin is not an issue.
2. Abdominal Muscles are not separated.

In medicine, the proper diagnosis must be the first order of business, then one decides on the best treatment, Plastic Surgery is no different. Dr. Pasquale will have to determine what your diagnosis is. It is not simply "I am heavy around the midline", so liposuction is the perfect answer. If the muscle is weak you will need a tummy tuck so these muscles can be tightened. If there is loose skin, that will look worse after liposuction, you made need a tummy tuck so that excess skin can be removed.

Occasionally we have seen patients who have needed a tummy tuck, but only had liposuction because the other doctor did not know how to perform a tummy tuck. The patient looked far worse after the liposuction from the pictures they showed us. The skin was loose and sagged like a deflated balloon. We want to make sure that your choice in procedure is the correct one. The surgeon you choose should be experienced in Liposuction and Tummy Tuck as is Dr. Pasquale with many years of training and experience.

At our Hawaii Clinic, Dr. Pasquale will evaluate you to determine your exact diagnosis, so he can best advise you as to the procedure that is needed or if a combination of liposuction and tummy tuck is needed. This is critical to a successful outcome. Dr. Pasquale is a fully trained board certified plastic surgeon who has the complete skills and knowlesdge to perform both procedures. He performs liposuction and tummy tuck often as a fully trained plastic Surgeon in Hawaii.

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