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Liposuction for Men - Hawaii

While everyone likes to look attractive and fit, unfortunately...most people don’t. Whether it is because of busy work schedules, bad eating habits or a genetic predisposition people all over the world are fighting to look slimmer and healthier, but often it seems like a never ending struggle. Cosmetic surgery provides people a chance to appear the way they wish to by making modifications to their body in order to give it a shape that they find attractive.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical technique that allows the removal of fat from localized regions. The fat is removed from between the skin and the muscle and it is crucial that you select a surgeon who is skilled and experienced as removal of too little or too much fat would leave you unsatisfied and may also increase chances of associated complications. Liposuction for men is a great option that allows them to look smarter and fitter than they have before. What is more? It also provides an incentive to the man to exercise regularly and control his diet to maintain that look.

Liposuction for men can be used to remove fat from the flanks or ‘love handles’. This is one of the chief areas where men put on fat. Also they tend to put on more on the posterior flank and thus the surgeon needs to be skilled enough to decide how much has to be taken out from which part. The breasts are an area that may require not only removal of fat but also some amount of tissue in order to get the desired look. This can be achieved with liposuction. Some of the other areas for liposuction in men include the abdomen, thighs and face. Liposuction for men is a little more complicated in case of men than for women as the fat in men is more fibrous and thus tends to be more difficult to remove. The use of microcannulas for liposuction in men makes the surgery easier and more effective.

Procedure for Liposuction in Men

Liposuction is done under anesthesia, local or general; these days surgeons prefer to use local anesthesia. An incision is made and a cannula or microcannula inserted. It is used to break up the fat between the skin and muscle. Thereafter the fat is suctioned or vacuumed out. Open drainage technique is preferred as it reduces swelling, pain and encourages fast healing. Liposuction for men in Honolulu, Hawaii gives patients a chance to relax and recover from the surgery in the luxury and comfort of this tropical paradise.