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Liposuction Complications

When one thinks of surgery, there is always an element of complication that could take place before, during or after the procedure. Liposuction, being a surgical procedure after all, has the same issues that a possible patient needs to think about, before taking the plunge.

At Dr. Pasquale’s clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Apart from world class liposuction equipment and very experienced practitioner, you also have scenic Hawaii to recover in style. But nevertheless, we need to discuss some of the complications that could occur during or after your surgery:

Pulmonary Fat Embolism during liposuction

We will mention the worst first, even though it is very rare. The process of Liposuction involves suction of fat cells from specific parts of the body after loosening the fatty areas. What we call Embolism may occur when fat is loosened and a fat particle enters the blood through blood vessels ruptured (torn) during liposuction. Consequently, some pieces of fat cells get trapped in the blood vessels, accumulate in the lungs, or worse, travel to the brain. The signs of pulmonary fat emboli (fat clots in the lungs), is usually shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing. If you are exhibiting these symptoms after your surgery, it is necessary to seek emergency medical help at once. Fat emboli may cause permanent disability or, in some extremely rare cases, be fatal.

Perforation of Viscous during liposuction

Liposuction also involves the insertion of an instrument called the canula to suck out the fat accumulations. During the procedure, the physician is unable to see where the canula is. It is possible to puncture or damage internal organs during liposuction. This problem is called Visceral Perforations or more specifically, puncture wounds in the organs. This may happen, for instance, if the intestines are punctured during abdominal liposuction. When organs are damaged, surgery may be required to repair them. Visceral perforations may also be fatal. But at Dr. Pasquale’s Hawaii clinic, his experience and popularity are indication as to quality.

Swelling or edema during liposuction

Swelling or edema is a very common problem that may occur after liposuction. In some cases, swelling may persist for weeks or months after liposuction. This is not uncommon and can be considered part of the healing process in liposuction.

Skin Irregularities

Although extremely rare with Dr. Pasquale’s technique of using small cannula in the old days this was more common with larger cannula which sometimes left dimples or ridges in the skin. Dr. Pasquale avoids this complication with small cannula which smooths out the are of liposuction. In our Hawaii clinic we also use post operative ultrasound therapy to make for a very smooth appearance.

These are just some of the risks that have to be given a thought to, while considering going through, with this surgery. While Dr. Pasquale’s clinic in Hawaii doesn’t have a significant record of these kinds of complications, it is always a good idea to have all the risk of liposuction in front of you, so that you make a decision knowing fully all the risks involved.

At your consultation at Dr. Pasquale’s Honolulu clinic you can be assured not only the benefits of liposuction will be discussed but also the rarely occurring risk. We want you to know all about liposuction before you decide.