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Liposuction - Back

Sometimes in our attempts to lose weight it is frustrating when certain parts of the body just refuse to loose stubborn fat. Liposuction for the back takes care of one such area of the human body. The back is one of the important areas where liposuction may be performed to provide the most pleasing and satisfying results. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure wherein a tiny incision is made in the area from where fat is to be removed and a tiny cannula is inserted to break up the fat and shape the area in the required manner. Thereafter high-pressure vacuum is used to remove the fat.

Liposuction of back is available in many parts of the country but more and more people prefer to have the procedure done in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is primarily because of the world-class surgical care that is available here. Dr. Michael Pasquale has done his entire residency in plastic surgery and has to his credit a 2-year training certificate from NYU Downtown, Manhattan. At his clinic it is ensured that the client has a clear picture of what the surgery will include and has realistic expectations of it.

Liposuction of Back in Honolulu, Hawaii
To understand liposuction of various parts of the back it is first necessary to identify the specific regions where liposuction may be performed and also the characteristics of the fat in the area.

• Infra-scapular back or the area that lies just above the waist and below the shoulder blades is a common area for fat to accumulate, particularly in women. This is what causes the extra layer of fat to show when a fitting bra is worn. The fat in this region does not have deep pockets and is a single sub-cutaneous layer. It is fibrous in nature as the fatty tissue in this part of the body consists of fat cells and connective fibrous tissue. It is due to this fibrous nature that it is more difficult to work out the fat here. It is important to first use tiny cannulas and then perhaps a thicker one in order to perform a safe and satisfactory liposuction of back.

• Lumbro-Sacral Fat: The fat in the lower back is easier to remove and it is important to identify any defect in the spine before the liposuction of back is performed in this area.

• Buffalo hump: This refers to fatty deposits in the mid-upper back which results in what is popularly known as ‘love handles’. This is often seen with increasing obesity and is one of the parts of the body to show maximum results with liposuction.

• The posterior waist also has a tendency to accumulate large amounts of fat that can be easily removed with liposuction.

Patients who have undergone tremendous weight loss before resorting to liposuction of back must be warned that it is more difficult to perform than on people who are close to their maximum weight. It is important to keep the surgeon’s views in focus when deciding the amount of fat one wants removed. The back is particularly sensitive to hyper pigmentation after liposuction and making lesser number of incisions during the procedure can reduce this. Since there are no deep pockets of fat in the back it is important that you choose a skilled surgeon who will ensure that excessive amounts of fat are not removed from the area, which may result in injury to the skin.