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Labiaplasty FAQ

Does Dr. Pasquale perform labiaplasty frequently?

Yes, in our Hawaii Clinic we have patients fly in from around the globe and we perform this procedure every week.

My Ob-gyn also performs this procedure and Dr. Pasquale is a plastic surgeon, does it make a difference?

Although many Ob-Gyn doctors perform this procedure, their orientation during training is for functional problems and plastic surgeons are oriented toward aesthetics and beauty. More important is the experience of the surgeon and his technique. Dr. Pasquale is an experienced labiaplasty surgeon.

Why should I choose Dr. Pasquale over others?

Dr. Pasquale is one of the most highly trained board certified plastic surgeons, not only has he completed the requirements of a general surgeon (5 years), completed a residency in Plastic Surgery (2 years) but he has also completed a two year program in Cosmetic Surgery in Manhattan NY. Yet as important as training is, Dr. Pasquale is easy to speak with and he is sensitive to your needs and provides a comfortable confidential atmosphere as does his staff. We look out for you and your needs.

What will take place during the consultation for labiaplasty?

When you contact us by email or phone, an apointment will be made for a confidential labiaplasty consultation. You will then be assigned a personal patient coordinator whose sole purpose is to make sure that your consultation goes well, sets up a schedule and prepares your administrative work. She will introduce you to Dr. Pasquale and be present during the consultation providing you with written information, before and after labiaplasty photos and the like. She can help with financial arrangements as well. You will meet Dr. Pasquale who will review with you all the labaiplasty information you need and options. You will be provided with a written quotation for cost, as well as scheduling information. This can be done via a virtual consultation as well as using email.

Where is the labiaplasty procedure performed?

Dr. Pasquale has has own private surgical suite in which all cosmetic surgeries are performed. This is preferred to the hospital setting, as privacy is more assured. Additionally Dr. Pasquale's staff is trained specifically for cosmetic surgery and our clinic dos not have the cross contamination of hospital based germs. However, for special cases Dr. Pasquale has privileges to perform surgery at the Queens Medical Center.

How long does the labiaplasty procedure take?

Labiaplasty at our hawaii clinic typically takes one hour depending on if it is an individual labiaplasty procedure or if other cosmetic procedures will be performed. This is why many of our patients fly in and recover in Hawaii.

Is there pain during the labiaplasty procedure?

No, we provide adequate anesthesia of your choice, local /sedation or general anesthesia is available. We want you to be comfortable and do all we can to assure that you are comfortable during your labaiplasty.

Is there pain during the recovery for labiaplasty?

Our patients tell us that the pain is minimal and can be easily taken care of with the pain medication we provide. Severe pain my be a sign of complication, such as hematoma and you will need to contact us. Our out of state patients can still enjoy the scenic beauty and some of the events here in Hawaii after surgery. However, you cannot go in the ocean until you heal.

Will there be scars from labiaplasty?

The type of tissue that is cut does not noticeably scar as seen in other parts of the body like facial skin. Our technique is such that we only operate on the mucous which like the tissue inside your mouth does not notably scar. Also Dr. Pasquale's technique following natural lines does not leave a noticeable scar.

Will sexual pleasure be affected after labiaplasty?

Sexual feelings after a labiaplasty depends on the degree of labia abnormality to begin with. If excess labia tissue interferes with sexual activity prior to labiaplasty, then you and your partner may notice improvement after surgery.

Is there a way to alter the color of my labia and the surrounding area?

This will depend on the exact issue, yet in may cases color changes can be made. This can be done with labiaplasty, or without labiaplasty at our Hawaii clinic.

Can labiaplasty be performed with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes, many times in our Hawaii clinic we perform labiaplasty, breast augmentation or liposuction on the same patient.

Does Dr. Pasquale perform "LASER Labiaplasty"?

What this means is that cutting is done with a LASER which he will discuss with you. There are advantages to using the LASER, but there are also disadvantages as well. After this has been discussed you will be given the choice of LASER labiaplasty or not. Yet we want you to be fully aware of each technique in detail before you choose. This information is best discussed at the consultation due to the complexity and controversy of "LASER labiaplasty" .

How long is the recovery?

Most patients are up and about the night after surgery. However you must limit your activity as not to cause pressure on the area of the labiaplasty. Sexual activity can typically be resumed in 4-6 weeks after labiaplasty.

How do I contact you for a virtual consultation if I live somewhere else for labiaplasty?

This can be done through email using our form page which you can submit digital photographs. You should submit photos with your digital camera not including include features which can identify you other than your labia for labiaplasty. This is especially helpful for those who travel distances for labiaplasty at our Honolulu clinic.