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Labiaplasty Cost in Hawaii

Many people who consider labiaplasty or other cosmetic procedures wonder if they can afford this. Labiaplasty is typically elective cosmetic surgery which would take a normal (there is a wide range of normal) appearance and cosmetically enhances the genital appearance.

Since this is a cosmetic procedure it is not normally covered by health insurance. So the patient must pay out of pocket for labiaplasty.

Prices range from 3500 to well over 8000 USD depending on who performs the procedure, exactly what is required and location. Simple excision of labia tissue may be slight less expensive and extensive tissue rearrange will of course cost more.

labiaplasty cost hawaii

Labiaplasty cost in Hawaii

Labiaplasty surgery is not inexpensive when performed by experienced surgeons such as Dr. Pasquale. You pay for experience and that expertise.In the long run its a lot less costly than paying to have it redone.

Our clinic has been performing labiaplaty surgery much longer than most clinics long before it became popular. We performed our first genital reconstruction in 1990 and first labiaplasty in 1993 in Hawaii.

In fact before it became popular Dr. Pasquale was asked by the Cosmetic Gynecology Society to teach the course here in the USA. Recently he has given lectures both in China, Japan and Korea.

We have many articles as you can see not only the labiaplasty cost in Hawaii but on wide variety of considerations. We want to inform honestly and with valuable information in which they can make a good decision if the Labiaplasty procedure is the one they want to undertake. Its not particularly a painful procedure but like all of surgery one must consider the risk as well as the benifit.

Again Labiaplasty is an operation must be done correctly and it will be more costly to have correction of a bad result. Saving money on less expensive surgeons may not result in a lower cost for labiaplasty.

Fly in to Hawaii for VIP treatment

At Dr. Pasquale's clinic many people choose to fly in from mainland USA or elsewhere have this done and also make a nice vacation out of it in Hawaii. They arrive in Hawaii have the labiaplasty procedure and within a few days are on the beach. Of course until healing is completed they cannot under go strenuous activity, however enjoying the sun and beach in Hawaii is very possible.

We have concierge services which can take care of you from the minute you land at the airport. Our facility is amazing as is Hawaii. So why not call and discuss your concerns and desires today?