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Fat Transfer

From time immemorial people from virtually all parts of the world have been searching for ways to stop or at least reducing the effects of aging. With time and age wrinkles and creases are commonly found in the human skin and body. Modern cosmetic surgery has made it possible for individuals to get rid of wrinkles from their face, hands and other parts of their bodies. You can even accentuate various parts of your body and features such as your buttocks, cheeks, etc, with fat transfer. Fat transfer is a cosmetic surgical technique that transfers fat from one part of the body such as the thighs and buttocks to the area where fat is required. Fat transfer is also referred to as fat grafting, micro lipo-injection and fat grafting. Fat transfer allows the surgeon to provide the desired shape and smoothness to a particular body part.

Fat transfer is done in Honolulu, Hawaii by some of the world’s best cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Dr. Michael Pasquale has done his residency in plastic surgery and also completed a 2-year training certificate in cosmetic surgery from NYU Downtown, Manhattan. At his clinic at Honolulu it is ensured that clients understand the details of the procedure for fat transfer and also that they have realistic expectations of the procedure.

The Procedure for Fat Transfer
Fat transfer is a procedure performed by a cosmetic or plastic surgeon under local anesthesia. It entails the removal of fat from a region of the body that is rich in fat such as the thighs, and the buttocks with a syringe. The fat is then processed to extract excess fluids and then inserted with a cannula into the area that requires fat transfer. The amount of fat transfer required would depend upon whether the area has achieved the look and feel that is desired and the flaw rectified. The fat transfer allows the surgeon to contour the area as desired. It is used mainly for the face, buttocks and hands.

The procedure is preferred to other methods that may involve the insertion of a foreign material as in case of fat transfer the fat is taken from the individual’s body, thus negating a chance for an allergic reaction.

Recovery from Fat Transfer in Hawaii
After fat transfer there will be some amount of discomfort and pain and the surgeon may prescribe medication to relieve the same. Pressure bandages may be applied to either or both sites to reduce the chance of blood clotting as well as swelling. The patient can return to his or her routine in a few days but would need to take things easy for at least a few weeks.

Honolulu, Hawaii is an ideal place to have fat transfer done as it boasts of top quality surgical and medical facilities and also provides a great setting to recover in. Enjoy a holiday in Hawaii and return home looking younger and more attractive. Fat transfer can be done in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries such as face-lift, laser resurfacing, etc.