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Fat Injection | Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Through liposuction, fat is taken from other parts of the body, such as the back, thighs or stomach, and transferred to the buttocks area. Many people prefer this method to implants because the results feel more authentic, as the fat that is used is the patient's own body fat.

Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale at his Honolulu Hawaii Clinic uses a small cannula to extract fat from one area of the body, then places that fat into the buttock region through another cannula. This technique uses your own body's fat to improve appearance greatly reducing chance of infection or reaction to an implant. This is especially effective in adding shape and contour. Great for filling defects. This technique is effective for those who simply want a few areas filled in, as opposed to a full implant. Additionally, this procedure is very safe since it uses your own body's fat. The technique is performed as an outpatient procedure.

Fat Injection to Buttocks Complications

Infection and bleeding are major risks. Also, while the patient will have a rounder, fuller, buttock region instantly, the fat re-injected into the buttocks may shrink as much as 40% in the next year as it is reabsorbed into the body. This fat reabsorption may produce asymmetry if one side of the buttocks absorbs more than the other, making the results of this procedure difficult to predict precisely.

Fat Injection | Fat Transfer Recovery Recovery period is significantly longer and more painful than the expected period for a breast augmentation procedure, as the buttocks region of the body is involved in physical activity such as walking, running and even standing. The patient can also expect to not be able to sit or sleep on their backs during the first few weeks without pain, and may require some help getting dressed. The pain can be controlled by medication. The patient can expect some bruising and swelling in the buttock area during recovery, which may spread up to the abdominal or thigh area. This is normal and will begin to subside after a few days or weeks.