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Double Eyelid Surgery

People across the world have diverse physical features within this diversity there is a common thread, the desire to improve personal appearance. It does not matter which part of the globe you hail from people everywhere want to look attractive and feel desirable.

Eyelid Crease

While some Asians have a clear crease on the upper eyelid there are many who either have no crease or a weak crease. The surgery for double eyelid adds a clear crease to the upper eyelid and frames the eyes in a better manner. Patients, who have had the double eyelid surgery, have a brighter, more youthful and well rested appearance.

Hawaii Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Michael A. Pasquale

Hawaii is a popular destination for people who want to have cosmetic or plastic surgery. Honolulu, Hawaii is home to some of the best surgeons in the world such as Dr. Michael Pasquale, who has completed his residency in plastic surgery as well as obtaining a 2-year training certificate in cosmetic surgery from NYU. He is a reputable and experienced surgeon who has perfected double eyelid surgery. Dr. Pasquale is not only known for his excellent skill and talent in providing outstanding cosmetic surgery results, he is also known for his remarkable ability to build meaningful and lasting rapport with all of his patients. Dr. Pasquale cares about his patients. He listens to their desires and fulfills their cosmetic surgery needs.

At Aloha Plastic Surgery LLC in Honolulu, Hawaii clients are educated of the various aspects of the surgery for double eyelids and made aware of the risks that may be involved. Clients are encouraged to talk about their expectations from the double eyelid surgery to make certain that they have a realistic view of the double eyelid procedure and results. There are some individuals who have reservations about this surgery trying to westernize oriental looks. Dr. Pasquale believes in cosmetic surgery that accentuates the clients face and compliments their features

Day of Surgery

Upon arriving at Aloha Plastic Surgery LLC in Honolulu, HI, patients are greeted and settled into a spa room to prepare for their surgery. The double eyelid surgery may last between 1-3 hours and is performed under anesthesia. Dr. Pasquale will make incisions in the natural lines of the upper eyelids and below the eyelashes of the lower eyelids. He then removes excess tissue to obtain the desired look of the double eyelid procedure. For individuals with little fat and thin skin a different technique may be used. This approach involves no incisions; sutures are strategically placed on the eyelids to provide the double eyelid effect. Fine sutures are used to close all incisions. Recovering from Double Eyelid Surgery in Honolulu, Hawaii

Day After Double Eyelid Surgery

Following the double eyelid surgery, the patient’s eyes will be bandaged and patients are advised to keep their head elevated. Medication and a cold compress may be used to relieve the discomfort from the sore and swollen eyes. After two days a mild antiseptic solution will be used to clean the area, stitches are removed after five days.

Honolulu, Hawaii is a great place to have surgery for double eyelids, as it provides the perfect tropical setting for you to rest and recover in.